Monday, January 28, 2013

What's this Blog about?

The name RainingVoices travelled to my membrane, inspired by the way words travel in our incessant quest for knowledge; knowledge in which one shares information for others to peruse.

This blog provides the opportunity to share information of interest. There will fluidly be myriad topics posted. The goal is to have a new post every week. There may be more or none. Life tends to seep its juices on some days.

If you have already checked out my Profile, you will see that my interests are varied. Not all of them are listed, though. There is always room to grow, and as the name of this blog suggests: thoughts rain down on us into words. Sometimes, we are not actually sure whether they will come down as drizzle, hale, or storm, but they are there, waiting to shower us into their mist.

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