Tuesday, February 26, 2013


A good friend of mine shared a poem about colors the other day. She began with “People are a piece of work.” At first, I thought she meant something else until she proceeded to the next lines to describe how people are made up of different hues and how people can come together to create an artwork.

It was a very beautiful poem, but for some morbid reason, it reminded me of the poem I wrote titled: To the People of Earth which dealt with something... less colorful.

Stepping Stones Magazine recently published To the People of Earth on January 13, 2013.
The magazine updates often and you never find the same kind of poem- like the colors of a rainbow.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Writing Endeavors: Revise 'til you Bleed!

I am revising a novel I completed. It deals with the non-relationship between father and son. I have been told it’s a great story with wonderfully laid out dialogue, but (here it comes) it still needs

-more emotional conflict in order for readers to turn the page
-the son needs more drive
-the father is too passive
-family drama is not what sells
-and so on

My concern is whether I should adhere to these suggestions or keep writing my way? I don’t want to write about a stereotypical teenager or absent father who can’t relate to each other. I want to write a story that entertains. I want to write the story I started with. Is that possible?

Yes, it is.

The more feedback I receive from other writers and friends, the more the story grows into this massive challenge to get the right words down; to keep the reader engaged, asking questions, interested, and better yet, loving every minute.

It also forces me as a writer to dive into my novel and pluck out everything that’s slowing the action down and affix moments that will cradle it. So, if you find yourself with a challenge like this, know that it comes with the territory.
The more you write, the better you get. The old adage: Practice! Practice! Practice! Still holds true.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pet News: Massage and your Pet

Massage is a great way to help your dog relax and soothe their joints holistically. The benefits also include a deeper bond with your pet. Having a bond with your pet is the most important part of caring for them in the first place. They become respondent and respectful with you. They even appreciate the quality time spent together.

Of course, not all dogs will like being touched and caressed from head to toe, but a good pet still needs to be held and loved.

If you have a pet suffering from arthritis or other ailments, it would be a good idea to research this alternative. You or a trained professional can do the massage. There are a lot of books that deal with Holistic or Alternative medicine. The Animal Wellness magazine also includes a list of places in their index.

And if you happen to read the Animal Wellness Magazine you can find an article I wrote for the February/March 2013 issue titled If Angels Were Dogs (you can find it towards the back).

Their website is www.animalwellnessmagazine.com


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why I Write: Note Behind the Picture

I have written poetry for most of my life. Seldom did I write short stories, unless they were assigned by a teacher. However, I was told the stories had potential.
At first, “potential” did not inspire me to be a writer. So I began reading about writing and after some coaxing, a good friend of mine suggested I write down the short story idea I’ve been sharing with her. She challenged me to get it down on paper. Thanks to her, I did, and the short story spiraled into my first novel.
Since then, I needed to be a writer. I joined a writing and poetry group, I’ve written drafts on the WD Daily prompts, I’ve finished the first draft to a second novel, and I’ve kept writing ideas for future novels on file.
Writing has become part of my life and I hope to one day take the title of “writer” and ingrain it on the wall so the doubts that cloud me disperse…

Speaking of writing prompts, here’s one I did a while back. It’s a draft and needs lots of revision. But like they say, you've got to start somewhere...

                                                      Note Behind the Picture

I felt like crawling back to my apartment after a few steps in this old building. It had all the reminders of a mother who used to pull out a stick and beat you senseless for ditching school or painting the patio neon purple. Yet, here I am. Clearing up the cobwebs and dishing out junk. I have to keep tabs on everything before my sister gets here from Mississippi. The worst part of this place is her room. There are a bunch of pictures in their collective frames lined up on top of a mantle.

"Ol' Gus and his hound dog. Huh!" I placed the frame back and it caused the preceding ones to tumble over.

"Oh, great!"

The sudden smash of the frame at the end to the floor sent a jolt up my neck. I went over to pick it up and a note fell out.

"What's this?" I open the folded paper and notice my squabbly chicken writing of a signature at the bottom:

Dear me, This house is a gold mine! Don't let Sue sell it to your Uncle Jesse. Convince her of the investment. Mom left a few other things behind this mantel piece. It's a real jackpot!

signed, Greg

I crumbled the paper and shoved it in my pocket. I began removing the frames and mantel from the wall. A bright light surfaced from the small crack. I pulled the mantle some more and my eyes couldn't believe it. Gold!

You can find this story under my pseudonym “Chilo” at
Note Behind the Picture