Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pet News: Massage and your Pet

Massage is a great way to help your dog relax and soothe their joints holistically. The benefits also include a deeper bond with your pet. Having a bond with your pet is the most important part of caring for them in the first place. They become respondent and respectful with you. They even appreciate the quality time spent together.

Of course, not all dogs will like being touched and caressed from head to toe, but a good pet still needs to be held and loved.

If you have a pet suffering from arthritis or other ailments, it would be a good idea to research this alternative. You or a trained professional can do the massage. There are a lot of books that deal with Holistic or Alternative medicine. The Animal Wellness magazine also includes a list of places in their index.

And if you happen to read the Animal Wellness Magazine you can find an article I wrote for the February/March 2013 issue titled If Angels Were Dogs (you can find it towards the back).

Their website is www.animalwellnessmagazine.com


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