Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Short Stories & Such: Dreams

This is a recurring dream I had a long time ago…
I was driving in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, and the chill radiated up my arms. The lack of cars on the road struck me as odd, unless you counted the faded lights ahead of me to be from headlights- there wasn’t a soul in sight.

I was driving very fast, but I didn’t lose control. Both my hands held tight to the steering wheel. Every maneuver coincided with every curve. Yet, I ran smack into the barrier that prevented cars from falling over the cliff. I released my hold of the wheel and blocked my face.

I didn’t feel any impact. I took a peek and noticed the endless rocks. My car drove forward, swooping deeper and deeper into darkness without an end in sight.
  • This reminded me of how dreams deal with our life’s struggles. This particular one occurred during my college years (maybe too many finals, ha ha). Dreams are also a good writing prompt to begin a short story. If I were to start one, I would have the character run away from something. Maybe she discovered the CEO of the company had been assassinated for crossing the wrong people OR she may be running away from something she did such as killing her drunken abusive husband.
  • Try it. Use your dream to jumpstart a story.

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