Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why I Write 2: Concerning Item in Coworker's Desk

Becoming aware of our skills and limitations as writers-to-be will have a great impact on what we presently work on.

Writing prompts are great warm-ups for writing. I’ve posted a few on Writer’s Digest under my pseudonym, Chilo, but I consider them drafts… and I’m sure they need more work. Though, some do end up being great stories. Each of them is a door opening to the endless void of possibilities, pulling us closer to face that which we aspire to be.
I can look back on these prompts now and see where I lack structure, where I need more description, where I need to ‘show rather than tell,’ where I need to remove a scene and add another one. I can do this now because the more I practice the craft of writing, the better I get at what I do (which is my goal).

Here is one of the prompts I submitted: 

Concerning Item in Coworker’s Desk

I always knew Danny was strange, but this beats everything the guys at work have to say. I mean, look at what I found in Danny's bottom drawer? It's not the kind of thing one should have in an office- very unprofessional. If it wasn't for the company moving office buildings, I would have never found this in his drawer and there aren't many people I would like to share this bit of information after hours. Those who are here are too busy packing desks and clearing desks. I am just concerned for Danny. Okay, okay, I got it. I'll call Julian over for some advice of what to do about it.

"Hey, Julian....uh... nice night?

"If you say so."

"Could you come over for a minute?"

"What's up?"

"I found this.... this..." and I pulled it out of the black bag. It's a good thing I still had my latex gloves on.

"Whoa! Put that away, man! What kind of place do you think we're running here?"

"That's just it. This belongs to Danny."

"That whacko sure has some nerve."

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?"

"About it? Nothing...pretend you ever saw it. As a matter of fact, forget you ever showed it to me. That freak Danny sure is something." He picked up the box by the side of the desk and walked away, shaking his head all the way to the elevator.

I guess Julian's right. There's not much to do with this, but get rid of it. I wonder if Danny uses it during office hours?

The following link takes you to the Writer’s Digest website in case you’re curious to the feedback I received. The only thing is that you’d have to scroll down until you find my pseudonym, Chilo.

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