Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Books I'm Reading 2

The first book I’m reading is I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High by Tony Danza. Even though, Tony Danza only taught for ten weeks, his experiences in the teaching field ring familiar bells. It is one of those careers in which the teacher has to master many roles and is expected to accomplish so much with so little.

The second book I’m reading is Do Dogs Dream? by Stanley Coren. This book is packed with information about dogs. The author brings in research and cases to illustrate the different points which include dog’s senses, communication, learning, and ancestry.

The third book I’m reading is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Book Proposals and Query Letters by Mary Allen and Colleen O’Shea. Since I’m in the process of preparing my manuscript for (eventual) submission, it’s good to start researching how to do it. It lists online resources for writers and includes a ton of tips about getting the reader’s attention by including sample letters.

The fourth book I’m reading is Under the Mesquite by Guadalupe Garcia McCall. This book is written in prose poetry form. It’s about a teenage girl named Lupita who struggles to deal with her mother’s battle with cancer through high school.


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