Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Death as Metaphor

Death is an important metaphor authors use to explore the deepest emotions possible in a way that touches the reader on different levels through imagery.

When I reflect on my poetry, I have found that I continuously use death to represent some aspect of my life. Some are not pertinent to my own life, but the lives of others or things around me, including dreams.

I discovered that I do not mean to use death per se, but the metaphors abound to create images that portray the feeling in the poem. At other times, I am completely immersed in providing a picture of what I am trying to communicate.

Death is a constant theme in my poetry because it is part of everyday life. It is a window into the deepest thoughts and emotions we have. Death is a symbol for something much greater than its literal meaning because it constitutes the end of something important. It could be a friendship, a love, a feeling, a change of one’s identity such as a rebirth, and much more.

For a taste to what I mean, check out my poem:
Witness 2011’s Massacre at http://11-11-11poetry.blogspot.com/
(Scroll down until you find my name)


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