Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Short Stories & Such: My Two Best Friends

The following fictional story is in the form of a letter. Names and other similarities to real individuals are only coincidental.

My Two Best Friends

Dear Brea,

I have to tell someone before they catch up to me. You’re the only person honest enough to hear me out.

Okay, so maybe I should start at the beginning. I mean, my friends weren’t always that way, and it never made much sense what they did (outside of flirting with boys) and flunking History. Sure we had our differences, but we also had similarities, like Aaron Parker’s dimple down to our bikini size.

My mother always wondered why I was friends with them. It didn’t cross my mind that they were only interested in themselves and no one else. It didn’t even occur to me until after High School that they somehow were not interested to reach the top the normal way people make money.

They used to paint red the lockers of girls who crossed them. They said it was like Passover, but instead of killing every first born child, they killed the weed out of their garden. And what a wicked garden they weaved.

Once during lunch, a girl stood up to them and they just stared at her. They seemed to laugh inside while I tried to calm the girl down. It appeared that my best friends had cornered that girl’s boyfriend into necking with them.

That much power I did not want. But they cherished it. Yet, it wasn’t enough. That’s why I’m writing to you, so you would know why I had to kill them...

Why did I write such a story?

In a previous post I mentioned that once you find the voice of your character, the story flows from there. This was the case for me on this short about the two best friends. There could be so many possibilities for this piece. I could use it to springboard a novel about these teenage girls and what happened that was so terrible this girl had to kill them. Or I could make the girl to have psychological problems. What will Brea do about it? The girl or Brea could be my main characters. Only time can tell…

This was also a great opportunity to write a short piece in the form of a letter. Next time you get an idea, try writing it as a letter. You never know where it would take you.



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