Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Death as Metaphor 2

Death is representative of different things for poets, poetry, and life events.

I have discovered through my poetry that death is a common metaphor to describe feelings of sadness, anger, loss and desperation. Death is also used literally to describe actual losses of loved ones or one’s own demise. Individuals may cling to death in order to face the future.

Research has produced an interesting array of information to give the topic of death more understanding. Death changes its meaning as it is dependent on its context (take eulogies for an example). In other words, there is also a lot of allusion toward death in poetry for it is a familiar subject that touches individuals in myriad ways.

Take a look at the poets Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, or Shakespeare. They all mention death in a certain way. If you go to the different poetry websites, you will see how the topic of death is portrayed by different poets. Even artists and writers must grapple with death as a metaphor at some point.

So, what does death mean to you?

As you answer this question, you’ll find different metaphors to describe it, which might not be a bad thing. A poem could be brewing, waiting to be written down.


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