Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Death as Metaphor 3

Poetry is a mode of communication that never grows old because it speaks to individuals at different levels of their personal lives and changing times.
I started writing poetry at a young age. I dove into poetry without knowing specific details about how poetry was made or particular authors or movements. Names have never interested me or specific rhyming schemes or forms. Few names stuck to my head such as the Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, the darker poet Edgar Allen Poe, and the lonely Emily Dickinson, even Leonard Nimoy writes poetry! I still read for pleasure and wait for a poem to speak to me. I always read different poetry without a care as to style or topic. Recently, I have found myself participating in sharing it with others. Poetry has become an important part of my life. I joined a poetry group and began editing my work.

However, through my love for poetry, I have come to realize that poetry is widely used in every continent of the world for various reasons. Now that I'm trying to build my poetry library, I'm familiar with some other poet names such as Sylvia Plath, Carolyn Forché, Dylan Thomas, Pablo Neruda, Jose Luis Borges, and Robert Duncan. Of course, there are many poets I know personally who deserve mention, such as Don Kingfisher Campbell, Christopher Trevilla, and Lalo Kikiriki as well as others whose poetry readings have been inspirational such as G. Murray Thomas, Ron Baca, Jack Bowman, and CalOkie, but my intention is not to write out a list of poets. It would become too extensive a list.
Poetry revolves around reflections of our self and our society. Be aware that poetry can be found online, in journals or magazines, even newspapers, on Christmas, Valentine or Birthday cards, letters, children stories, movies, and books, and there are many locales that invite poets to do readings or poetry slams. It’s a medium to which there is no limit.

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