Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pet News 3: No Dog is Perfect

One thing I’ve learned about having a dog is never to reprimand after calling the dog by his/her name. They learn to fear you or worse, they just avoid you, which is not the intention. You want your dog to come to you when called. With a little patience and practice, they will.

However, I have found that there are certain situations my dog doesn’t come when called. Such as when the man with his toy poodle decides to let their dog get close to our fence to "see how cute" our dog is (Aagh!). I feel like a total failure after all that practice, but it’s important to understand that no dog is perfect, and we shouldn’t push them to be.

I wish I was perfect!

Here’s the secret, we’re not perfect. Be content to have a well-behaved dog for 90% of the time (okay, 85%). Dogs should be dogs. If we call them by their name every time we tell them “no” they will just learn to associate the negativity with their name. So make sure when you say "no" or "stop" that you don't use their name. Use their name to call them to you for good things. 
Let’s aim for a happy dog. A happy dog is less stressed.


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