Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Short Stories & Such: I Know I'm Supposed to Keep this a Secret...

Keeping secrets ‘is not all fun and games’ as they say, but it does bring up interesting ideas for stories. Who knew that nice young man at the shop killed three people? Who knew that teenage girl lied about her teachers to get better grades? Who knew that grandma stole jewelry using her electric wheelchair as a getaway vehicle? Who knew Back in January 2012, Writer’s Digest had a writing prompt asking for short stories about keeping a secret? I did and many other writers. The following short is somewhat revised from its original. Enjoy! And go ahead, write one using the tag line:

“I Know I’m Supposed to Keep This a Secret, But…”

I’ve waited for this trip to Hawaii for a long time. Too bad my cousin was not available to go along with me. The beaches were supposed to be better than ours. The crystal clear water allowed people to swim along with many sea animals. The wonders of nature were expecting one happy tourist.

I relaxed my head on the travel pillow I blew up while I waited to board. My seatbelt was fastened and the plane lifted off the runway into a crowded white clouded sky. Though, I hated this part because it made my insides tumble, I was glad to be heading to my destination without complications.

As the plane steadied itself, and the flight attendants did their thing, I took a deep breath for a nice long nap when my neighbor tapped my shoulder.

“Excuse me.” The girl with peppermint glasses turned to me. She had been watching the stewardess the whole time we got on this plane.

I hoped for a quiet flight. “Yes?”

She leaned closer and whispered in my ear, “I know I’m supposed to keep this a secret, but I absolutely must tell someone.”

Oh, God. She’d better not say I was her type.

“This plane is not heading for Hawaii.”

“What!?!” I sprang from my seat, but the seatbelt restrained me.

“Shhh, please, I don’t want to cause a scene.”

“I’m sorry. A minute there I thought you said this plane was not going to Hawaii.”

“That’s right.”

It seemed that the sentence she dispersed from her lips hadn’t sunk in my brain. Her tight round face looked satisfied as if her nuance halted her indigestion. However, she neglected to give a reason for the change. Why should I bother? She definitely seemed a little tipsy. Yet, what if she’s right? Did I accidentally board the wrong plane?

“Well?”  I asked.

“Well, what?”

“Where is this plane heading?”

“I’m not supposed to say. I could die.”

Heaven forbid this girl die!

“What are you trying to pull? You obviously are in need of medical attention-”

A voice blasted through the speakers and said, “Passengers of flight 007. Welcome aboard! Please buckle yourselves up and allow us to transport you to dimension Westcort. It was a lovely Earth, but it has outlived its usefulness. No need to become hostile. Just fasten those seatbelts and prepare for our stop in minus 30 seconds.” 30, 29, 28….

I looked back at the frantic passengers. The flight attendants put on gas masks. They held in their hands laser weapons the shape of torpedoes. After an explosion that shook the plane to the point where its vibrations remained in my teeth, the girl tapped me again.

“I told you so,” she scoffed. 

For the original version of this story, visit the following link and scroll down to “Chilo”: 


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