Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Death as Metaphor 4

Sorry for the late post! Sometimes it seems I have my head screwed on backwards, but here goes...

Contemporary poetry is experimental… culturally specific… but what truly constitutes contemporary poetry? What is poetry? and Why do we write it?

I have found that contemporary poetry is more personal and geared toward finding an identity. It focuses on experiences without being caged in any particular form or structure. I have always written poetry. My good friend calls the poetry I write “raw psyche” because it is written in the moment; words pour out and are freshly laid out on paper. Nothing is censored and it usually is abstract.

I find poetry to be a medium to express myself in various ways. Writing poetry enables me to put down inner reflections of life around me. My deepest thoughts, emotions, ideas, concerns, etc. are represented in the poetry. Many authors use poetry to do the same thing. Poetry is like a kaleidoscope. That’s why I’m interested on the different reasons authors incorporate death in their poetry and why I use it as a metaphor.

Besides the obvious eulogy, elegy, literal meaning, mourning, expectation of death, and sufferings of war; death is a symbol for other losses such as the death of a marriage or friendship, even the death of a movement. As I reflect and react to a poem, I get better at understanding and appreciating the need for poetry as a representation of our time here on Earth. It is the words themselves that draw attention to what poetry is about: the reaction and reflection of the here and now.


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