Monday, October 14, 2013

Pet News 4: Dogs vs. Cats

“Dogs come when they are called; cats take a message and get back to you.”
by Mary Bly

I ran into this quote and couldn’t help but smile. Having multiple pets myself, I could see how this came about.

Cats do tend to take their sweet time when called. It doesn’t mean they’d never get to you. It’s just that they have to get in the moment of things. They might be busy taking a nap or grooming themselves before they acknowledge you, but rest assured they will seek you out for company.

Whereas a dog usually loves the attention, they tend to live in the moment. They can’t wait for you to take them on a walk or play with them. Dogs want to please you. Of course, there are times when they are involved in barking that they forget their name… but let’s not digress.

This quote also got me to thinking about being a writer.

When I write, I am most like a cat, focused on the task in front of me. If I lose this focus, I may not get the muse back. You have to hand it to cats… they’re onto something.

When I am ready to share my work with the world, I am most like a dog, seeking approval and correction to improve my craft.

Next time you call your pet, think about what a great thing it is to be different… or having similar attributes as a cat or dog=).


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