Monday, October 28, 2013

Short Stories & Such: Monster Prompt

To be in tune with the festivities, I started writing the following description for a short story.

The idea was to describe the way your character looked like. You had to take a monster and describe them in as much detail as possible. Then, use that information in a short story. Go ahead and try it.

The Monster Pumpkin hatched in an open field engrossed with vines. The vines intertwined from the year’s harvest. It cracked an eye open and out oozed globs of seeds, leaving a teary-lined mess that wouldn’t wipe off. The other eye remained closed. Stitched together and crinkling to form a cyst-like mound, black as charcoal. Its lips parted in slanted crests until it could muster his name: E-lio. The sinister echo was heard throughout the pumpkin patch until it reached the groundkeeper’s legs. Shaking, his lungs filled with air, and his heart pounded with the rhythm of the monster.

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