Monday, November 18, 2013

Writing Endeavors 6: Writing as an Island or Journey?

I always thought that after you finished writing a novel it concluded my working on it. That it was time to celebrate and start submitting to different publications, agents, editors, publishers. It’s a good thing I started reading about the profession and realized it took more than just getting words on a page to flow.

Writing is a lot of work: you have to edit, revise, rewrite, cut, paste, get feedback, read it backwards, read it aloud, etc. etc. etc.

But one thing I found unfair in the writing biz was how… with all the mix of self-publishing and traditional publishing, the writer was left to deal with promotion on their own.

First of all, does that make sense? Writing is a lonely occupation (sitting around a computer all day constitutes lonely). One could be on their ‘island’ for more than eight years, and then, be told to go public (or have started on the road to it). Shouldn’t there be more help with promotion? After all, writers want to write. No wonder a lot of writers end up selling e-books and promoting them on their website and other social media.

Of course, it should not deter you from completing a novel. There are things we do to get ahead and be noticed. So, cheers for arriving at the promotion stage. There’s only one way to go now. If only I could get off my island, I would join you!

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