Monday, March 17, 2014

Short Stories & Such: One Very Memorable Night

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And if you don’t celebrate, enjoy your day nonetheless.

The following short is revised and set in a bar (for obvious reasons). It was a writing prompt given by Writer’s Digest a while back.


One very memorable night (but not for good reasons)

What a way to celebrate the beginning of a new year, but with whiskey in hand. No goals set in mind, no wife to come home to, or any just cause to get excited about, even with tax season looming in the air.
“Another, please!”
“You’d better take it easy Stan.” The bartender poured the whiskey and wiped the counter with a cloth at the same time.
“Hey,” I pointed, “that’s a neat trick.”
I stared at the liquid and finally gulped it down in one shot. As I placed the glass down at the bar, a beautiful woman approached me in red stiletto heels. I almost fell off the stool trying to watch her curves move. Her brunette hair lay perfectly flat and covered her bare shoulders.
She placed her arm around my neck and gave me an unexpected kiss right on the lips. I closed my eyes for fear of losing her taste.
When she stopped, she smiled kind of cocky and at that moment, I realized she was my old High School sweetheart. I remembered the delicate way she placed her lips on mine and the usual fog of her name.
She placed her hand on my lap and this time, I burned with sensation at the feel of her tongue rolled into my mouth, except, it wasn’t her tongue, but something cold. I almost swallowed it when she whispered in my ear to follow her. Her breath was hot.
Dutifully, I did, but for some reason I kept the cold object that was like a metal ball under my tongue.
After going upstairs, she turned and pulled me by the belt into a room. She shut the door behind her. We didn’t bother turning the lights on. She began unbuckling my belt and I could smell the jasmine from her hair.

It wouldn’t have made a difference how far we were going. Something struck me on the back of the head and I swallowed whatever it was she put in my mouth.
I raised my head when the lights went on. Everything was multicolored on the walls and ceiling.
Next to her was a large man or other and I heard her say, “This one will do nicely.”
It could have been the whiskey talking. 


For the original version see under ‘Chilo’:

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