Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I Write 5: The Long Process of Writing

I just finished my first edit to my YA novel. Now, I’m exercising putting it aside before I do a final edit. Then, I could look for agents, editors, and publishers. And the process to get my manuscript in print doesn’t end there.

If you’ve ever written a resume for a position, you know that selling your skills and qualities is important to landing that job. It’s the same with writing, except, you sell the writing itself. That’s why I worked on my query letter and synopsis while I set my novel aside, and writing them takes a lot more effort.

In a synopsis, you have to condense a lot of information about what the whole story is in either one page or three. One thing that helped me was having an outline with a short description of what occurred in each chapter. Another thing that helped me was going online to other blogs for helpful info. There are tons of books on the subject, too that provide samples.

The query is probably the hardest to do. That’s the resume part of selling your writing. It’s where you provide the title, a paragraph synopsis, your qualifications, and contact information. If the agent, editor, or publisher didn’t find something that stands out, then they might pass on the work.

It’s good to have someone else to read your query and synopsis, and you have to go through a lot of revisions just like your manuscript.

The following are some of the websites I browse:


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