Monday, April 28, 2014

Writer’s Workshop 7: False epiphanies I have had…

‘False epiphanies’ is a prompt I came across while writing my Young Adult novel about a turbulent father and son relationship.

I wanted to share a scene that I had written for this prompt based on the novel.
Sadly, I had to scrap the whole thing from the book during the revision stages.
It’s all part of the editing process: You have to learn to take out in order to tighten the story.

The next door neighbor waved to me from her porch while I watered the grass. Her tulips gathered around the fence along with pink and yellow roses that brightened the driveway. Petals had fallen from the strong breeze and Dad’s truck was gone again, but it didn’t bother me as much as before. It’s not that I accepted it. I realized he wasn’t the bad guy. As the breeze kicked up, the cold water struck my cheeks and arms. I shivered. Dad would always be away somewhere. What’s so hard about a quick hello or basketball game? He’d never change and it’s foolish of me to consider it.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Check out What Month it is!

Hey everyone! If you didn’t notice, this is Poetry Month, Autism Awareness Month, Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month and the month when Earth Day is celebrated (but should be all year…). SO I have a few websites you can browse and/or join:




Monday, April 14, 2014

Books I’m Reading 8

Poesía Completa de Federico García Lorca (2012).

Dear America: the Diary of Anetka Kaminska, A Coal Miner’s Bride by Susan Campbell Bartoletti. This is a fictional story about a Polish thirteen year-old whose fate is to emigrate to America and be a bride to a coal miner.

The Kissing Game: Short Stories by Aidan Chambers has included a set of flash fiction stories, such as The Kissing Game and The Tower, that can be regarded as fantasy, supernatural or science fiction or other genre.

Phonics for Teachers: Self-Instruction, Methods, and Activities by J. Lloyd Eldredge.
The book lets you study about phonics through choosing the appropriate word for the paragraph. Then, it provides quizzes for review on the subject. At the end, there are sample activities to do with students to help them understand phonics.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pet News 7: Pet Teachings

Having a pet teaches you a lot of things about yourself and the world.

My dog is very energetic. If I didn’t read his behavior, I wouldn’t know when to prevent his misbehavior.
Once my dog was able to take walks, I realized something had to change with our routine. We had just returned from a walk and my dog still was “wound up.” He began smelling the boxes around the patio and he pulled on one of the blankets hanging out from one of them. I quickly said, “Leave it” and said, "Here" when I gave him a chewable toy from his toy box. However, he didn’t want me to just hand him the toy, he wanted to play with me. I didn’t realize this at the time, so I left. He soon was back at pulling the blanket.

I shortly learned that whining and fussing over this wasn’t helping the situation, so one day after a walk, I handed him the chewable toy right away. I had him fetch it a couple of times and later directed him to lie down and chew the toy. At this time, I was able to say, “Good boy,” and dismiss myself while he was distracted.

This taught me to be vigilant as to the needs of my pet. I knew then that he was reading my behavior as well! I was not being a very understanding “parent” and he was trying to get my attention. He didn’t want to destroy the blanket or chew up the box lid. He wanted me to help him calm down.
Now, I make sure to help him release some of the extra energy he carried back after a walk. This way, we both got some peace.