Monday, April 28, 2014

Writer’s Workshop 7: False epiphanies I have had…

‘False epiphanies’ is a prompt I came across while writing my Young Adult novel about a turbulent father and son relationship.

I wanted to share a scene that I had written for this prompt based on the novel.
Sadly, I had to scrap the whole thing from the book during the revision stages.
It’s all part of the editing process: You have to learn to take out in order to tighten the story.

The next door neighbor waved to me from her porch while I watered the grass. Her tulips gathered around the fence along with pink and yellow roses that brightened the driveway. Petals had fallen from the strong breeze and Dad’s truck was gone again, but it didn’t bother me as much as before. It’s not that I accepted it. I realized he wasn’t the bad guy. As the breeze kicked up, the cold water struck my cheeks and arms. I shivered. Dad would always be away somewhere. What’s so hard about a quick hello or basketball game? He’d never change and it’s foolish of me to consider it.


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