Monday, June 9, 2014

Why I Write 6: Discovering the Writer in Me

Lately, I have spent time revising stories.

The novel about father and son has gone through three revisions and some editing, but I still don’t think it’s ready to send off to agents yet. I have put this novel aside and started revising the novel I had stashed away about a woman stuck on some island with her children. It’s fun making up words for the fictional islanders.

I’m sure this novel will undergo various revisions and edits until it’s ready for submission. However, I don’t stop there. Writing is a daily activity. It’s okay to work on different things as long as you keep honing that craft.

The more I write, the more I find out about what kind of a writer I am. Am I the kind that wakes up at three in the morning to write or am I the night owl? Am I the kind that outlines or a pantsy (just sit down and write kind of person)?

What kind of writer are you? 



The San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly has published my poem “Milk” in Issue 62, Spring 2014. You can view it on their website at


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