Monday, July 7, 2014

Writer’s Workshop 9: In a town in the Old West

In a town in the Old West
Here was a fun writing prompt. You choose a person and a place. Include a problem, story events, and resolution.

The person could be an astronaut, cowboy, captain, veterinarian, doctor, teacher, or sales manager.

The place could be a state, house, office, or vehicle. For example, the veterinarian could work on a mobile clinic or the teacher is at the circus. Maybe you can write about a boat captain going down the Mississippi River.

There are many possibilities you can mix up, too.

I chose the cowboy and a saloon. Here’s my attempt:

Cowboy Leroy walked into the saloon, tipped his hat at the young waitress, and waltzed over to the bar. His eyes scanned the room. He recollected the last time he entered this town he was framed for the murder of the trusted sheriff. Even though, he was cleared, most folks held a grudge against him.

He lifted his finger to order the only drink necessary: whiskey with lemon. His other hand strayed to his gun belt. He unfastened the holster and cocked his gun. He didn’t want to take any chances with his back turned the way it was.

Leroy downed his drink and a tall man behind him said, “You ain’t welcome here.” The man raised his gun, pointed it at Leroy. The other men moved back against the wall. Leroy set his glass down and turned. He fell on one knee and pulled the trigger. The tall man fell. Leroy had shot him as swiftly as he spit.

“I ain’t never liked bullies,” Leroy said.



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