Monday, August 25, 2014

Writing Endeavors 7: Updates

So what’s been going on with my writing?

A lot =)

I’m reading lots of fiction and writing books.

I’ve completed my first revision to my thriller about a woman locating her kidnapped children. I’m thinking of doing a second revision to the father and son drama I completed previously.

And I’m putting together a collection of Spanish and English poetry for a manuscript.

Yep, I think I got my hands full.

Sometimes I ask myself how I do it, but I’m finding out that the more I get into a routine, the better off I am at staying focused and writing. I just hope it continues…

That adage: “Just do it” really holds a lot of weight.

I know what you’re going to say: when will my book come out?

I wish I had a definite answer to that. I’m enjoying the revision part of my writing. I also have a goal to get the novel the best I can make it. Maybe I’m aiming too high, but “patience is a virtue!”

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