Monday, November 10, 2014

Writing Endeavors 8: To Despair or Repair?

Have you ever felt like you start things and never finish them?

As I was editing my family drama novel about the juxtaposed relationship between father and son, I got another great idea to write a fantasy novel that included dragons, but I didn’t stop there. I started to put together some animal related poetry for a small book. It seemed I was on a creative roller coaster ride I needed to take advantage of. The juices kept raining raining raining down on me.

While I worked on the fantasy, I got inspired to write another novel. I’m in the early stages and you know what? I don’t regret taking the time to write them. The important thing is I’m writing. And I'm getting to know what kind of writer I am.

Completing a novel is a goal, but I’m no longer stressing that I need to finish the edits on the first one. I feel a good story deserves the time to be looked over before sending to press. But first, a good story needs to be written down in order to get there.

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