Monday, December 8, 2014

Quote 11

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.



Today I read a story titled: Benny’s Pennies by Pat Brisson to a group of kindergarteners. The story dealt with a boy who had five pennies to buy something, but instead of wasting it on himself, he asked his family what they would like.

Each member gave him a suggestion and off Benny went. As he was walking in the countryside, different vendors were around. Benny visited five and was able to buy the things for his family.

One student commented, “Now he has no pennies for himself.”

Another asked, “Why didn’t Benny buy something for himself?”

This reminded me of Aesop’s quote. It wasn’t about purchasing items or using up all the money, but about making others feel good by doing something nice for them. The reward would be found inside their heart. It’s a warm feeling that makes you happy you did an act of kindness.

The students got to talk about it and share times they made an act of kindness.

Since Christmas is around the corner, acts of kindness abound. We shouldn’t forget that this warm feeling is special and is what makes us better.

So… what act of kindness have you done?

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