Monday, January 12, 2015

Books I’m Reading 13

Try Reading Again: How to Motivate and Teach Older Beginners, Age 10 and Up by DeAnna Horstmeier, Ph.D. Great book describing on detail the Triangle Method to help students learn to read which includes Phonics/Phonemic Awareness, Language Experience Stories, and Fluent reading of structured stories by others.
The Moon before Morning by W.S. Merwin is an awesome poetry collection. It’s the kind you can read while sitting outside your patio with a good cup of tea, even the birds will join you!

The Golden Road by Rachel Hadas is a wonderful poetry collection.

Firefly Ubder the Tongue by Coral Bracho. This is a bilingual collection of poetry by a Mexican woman. Her use of language is exciting with lots of water images.

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