Monday, January 19, 2015

Death as Metaphor 15: Dreams that Play Death and Violence

Poets who include death or violence in their poetry do so for different reasons.

Themes of death and violence may be portrayed in poetry. Sometimes, due to experiences with death and violence is what plays a role in these writings. It also is apparent that dreams with death and violence play a role in trying to understand the reasons for using metaphors in poetry.

Dreams contain a lot of meaning and images that the dreamer may not be aware of. There are various images that appear in dreams that provide messages about the real world and our own conclusions of our lives.

“Symbols are the ‘words’ used by dream language: each one represents an idea, a memory, a mood, an insight, arising from the dreamer’s unconscious (Fontana, David. The Secret Language of Dreams: A Visual Key to Dreams and Their Meanings. San Francisco: Chronicle Books. 1994. Page 40).”

However, some dream symbols may change their meaning from one person to another. Most of the symbols make sense to the dreamer because they form associations to the dreamer’s real life and other symbols hold universal meaning. When one represses emotions of anger toward a spouse or loved one, a symbol that may be dreamt is the decapitating of the head. This symbol is one of removing the problem and moving on.

Writing poems with dream images can evoke the strong emotions needed to convey the message, even if the themes of death and violence are not real.

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