Monday, January 26, 2015

Writer’s Workshops 10: Writing Fun!

Hi everyone! Today’s a good day for some writing.

The following is the opening sentence to a writing prompt.

You can use it or abuse it.

By that, I mean you can either use part of the sentence to start your writing or you can use all of it. The idea is to write something down, whether it’s a paragraph or short story.

Happy writing!


It’s not like there was anything wrong with me, but the clock struck ten o’clock and my nerves shot up as a bad omen.


My thoughts are supernatural! Metamorphism anyone? or Maybe just a bad case of test anxiety? Hmm… He spent all night at the bar, thinking about how she stood him up, and dozed off right when the game ended. Drool sipped out of his mouth while the funniest dream ensued in his mind. That was, until his phone went off at ten o’clock and… the dream played out in front of him. His nerves shot up and…

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