Monday, February 9, 2015

Short Stories & Such 17: Valentine’s Day Secret Admirer

With Valentine’s right around the corner, I decided to post a story that dealt with that concept… well, sort of…
Valentine’s Day Secret Admirer

It’s been a long time anyone has sent me paper mail. The only thing I receive are ads and offers for credit cards. This is new, though, an actual Valentine’s card… except it’s not from Peter. All it has is a picture of puppies in a basket with the words: “Love, Your secret admirer.”

Oddly enough, the joke continues on the back where the admirer will reveal his or her secret identity today at the same location Peter and I are going!


“Coming!” I lowered my dress and ran to the door. Peter was early. He must be very excited about today.

“Hi, babe,” he leaned to kiss me on the lips.

“Mmm... Could I possibly get anymore lucky?”

He let go of my waist and said, “Let me get my things and we can go.”


I left him by the door and grabbed my purse and coat. Before I walked out, I stopped to admire my admirer. Not bad Susan. Not bad. He has a nice built and he’s top of his engineering class. I’ll just have to forgive his joke.


“That was great meal.”

“Yes,” I wiped my mouth, “yes it was.”

“I wanted to talk to you about something… something that’s been on my mind…”

I love it when he gets serious and nervous. His dark eyelashes seem to flutter when he speaks and I can watch his soft lips move.

“I wanted to--”

“Excuse me.”

We both looked up. A young man stood holding a bottle of champagne.

“Would you mind if I sit here?” He pulled the chair out and sat, “It won’t take long,” he opened the bottle and called for a waiter who happened to be ready with three glasses.

“You know, we are kind of in the middle of a conversation,” Peter said.

“Not to mention dinner…” I pointed to the empty plates and shook my head. Then, I gasped and recalled this morning’s secret Valentine.

“Who are you anyway?” Peter crossed his arms and frowned. I could hear the tapping of his shoes on the carpeted floor.

“I’m the secret admirer.”

“What is this man talking about?” Peter gestured. His voice stern. I was sure he would soon be ready to pop with that adorable vein he got in the middle of his forehead. “Listen, if he has been harassing you--”

“Now, Peter, let him explain. There must be some confusion or something.” I placed my hand on his forearm. “I never met this man before.”

 “Yes you have. Three weeks ago I helped you with your banking concerns.”

“My banking concerns?”

“We got to talking about what you do for a living. You have been withdrawing a hefty amount of cash about every three days since.”

“What?” Peter’s eyebrows shot up.

“I don’t know, honey. I really don’t. I haven’t been in a bank since two months ago. I do all my deposits online.”

He took a sip of his champagne, “Are you trying to tell me you’re not Sandra?”

“Sandra, of course!” I hit my forehead with the palm of my hand.

“What is going on here Susan?”

“Sandra’s my twin sister.”

“Twin sister?” Both men said in unison like a well-rehearsed choir.

“I feel really stupid about this.”

“Don’t be. You’ve done me a great help.” I paused. It isn’t like Sandra to do something like this, but during our annual Christmas reunion back home, she mentioned something about being bored with life.

“Why is she using your address?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.” I looked at both their puzzled faces. “And I can actually use your.”


You can see the first draft posted on the Writer’s Digest Writing Prompt’s on February 15, 2012 under ‘Chilo’ at 
(see under February 14, 2012)

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