Monday, March 23, 2015

Pet News 14: Adamantium Bonds

Maybe you’ve heard of the hardest material on the planet from comics: adamantium, specifically Marvel’s X-Men character Wolverine. His skeleton is laced with this material that makes him virtually indestructible with claws that can cut through anything.

I bring this up because it got me thinking about how important it is to form bonds with our pets. And it isn’t that hard to construct them.
Maintaining any bond with family and friends or acquaintances is hard work. With pets, however, it’s a done deal.

Forming a bond with a pet starts the minute you bring that pet home. How you caress and acknowledge your furry friend has a lot to do with how they will respond during training. The more exercise you deploy with your pet will also increase this bond, especially if you’re involved.
I’m not just talking about dogs, cats can form these bonds, too. We might not know whether animals love, but they do feel.

Building a bond with your pet includes patience, understanding, and repetition. Accidents happen and all involved learn from them. The way you react can have an effect on how your pet reacts. Your touch says a lot about how they view the world. Trust is an important part of this relationship and your pet looks for it.
The bonds that are formed between you and your pet are strong like adamantium and nothing equates to it.

Don’t you wish to have an indestructible bond with your pet?

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