Monday, May 11, 2015

Why I Write 8: The Characters are Alive! Alive!

I took a writing workshop last month during the MT. SAC Writer’s Weekend, which resulted in a bunch of poetry. I got to meet some wonderful people and the presenters were awesome.

Attending the event also strengthened my motivation to finish the current novel I’m writing. Gosh, I already have mentioned that I have about four novels that need revising, each in a different genre. It’s hard to believe I’ve written that many. Too bad I can’t say I’ve published them =( And that’s where the workshop lifted my mood. There are a multitude of authors who also took a long time to publish. I guess I fit right into this mold.

The recent novel I’m working on deals with mystery, the supernatural, and science fiction type of things. It’s rather complicated, but I haven’t given up on it yet. Why? Because it isn’t about me anymore. The characters are taking center stage. They want their story told. Isn’t it amazing that this could happen?  

When you sit down to write, you find that you want to go in one direction, but then you have a character that wants to go the other way. And it’s okay. You can change the course of the story. The important thing is making it believable and worth a reader’s time.



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