Monday, June 8, 2015

Books I’m Reading 16

Teaching is an Art: An A-Z Handbook for Successful Teaching in Middle Schools and High Schools by Leon Spreyer. This book has lots of ideas such as how to talk to students and preparing lessons.

The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton 1965-2010, edited by Kevin young and Michael S. Glaser. This is a great collection of Clifton’s poetry. Her themes vary from historical accounts where she takes the perspective of people to the personal, including about life. Her poetry is formatted in different ways; interesting line breaks and enjambment. It is heartfelt poetry that reaches the soul.

The Ogre’s Wife by Ron Koertge is a collection of poetry. There are some poems that were written in the point of view of the ogre’s wife, recall ‘Jack in the Beanstalk’ and there is another one about what ever happened to Jack and the golden eggs. There’s also one on the reason the woman made the Gingerbread Man. A very interesting but unusual collection.

A Pain Doctor’s Guide to Relief: Confronting Chronic Pain by Steven H. Richeimer, M.D. with Kathy Steligo. This book is a great resource on pain. Richeimer includes a lot of research to support his examples. He also provides definitions of different forms of pain and suggestions of how to deal with them. The important thing is that pain is felt different from person to person and the way we think about our pain is crucial for our recovery (living with it).

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