Monday, June 1, 2015

Death as Metaphor 18: Oh, Inevitable Life and Death!

The development of our concepts of death becomes a life-long process of change during our lives. We not only use art to deal with death, but to understand it, thus, creating metaphors to aid in the understanding of the poem.

Human beings will continue to tackle with the meaning of both life and death. Of course, cultures differ in their interpretation of death, as is seen in various art, poetry, and writing.

Literally and non-literally, poems convey messages about loss, pain, uncertainty, real-life scenes, and death. The dialogue with the mystery of death is an on-going process in which we can remember those who died, go searching beyond mortality, and learn to structure our world around the inevitable.

The use of these concepts leads to a creative way to express the meaning of life and death as inevitable parts in a wheel without end.

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