Monday, June 15, 2015

Pet News 16: Seven Key Dog Training Steps

I watched a video with trainer Cindi Tringali. She provides step-by-step guidance in dealing with your pet. It’s a simple video, but I liked that she covers the main training points to getting your dog to comply “100 percent of the time.”

The order she suggests in training your dog starts with

1) Look

2) Come

3) Sit

4) Stay

5) Down

6) Walk on a Loose Leash and

7) Stay before Going outside.

Throughout, she provides guidelines on the use of treats, verbal praise, and tactile praise.

The Look command asks the trainer to teach your dog to focus on you. The Come involves the dog trained on a leash first to come when called. The Sit is the easiest to teach while the Stay might take a while longer. Once those are completed, the Down (and Down-Stay) can be taught. Walking on a Loose Leash involves the ‘heel’ command.

You can view a trailer of the DVD here:


Some websites she recommends include:

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