Monday, August 17, 2015

Death as Metaphor 19: Personal Poetry Reflection and Analysis

A meaningless life protrudes

from an absence of death.


Death has been rampant throughout history, and individuals react to it in various ways that help the poem evolve into meaningful reminders of it.

I have a collection of poems that make use of death metaphorically to express different feelings, events, and thoughts. The poems do not follow any particular structure. Some are not pertinent to my own life but the lives of others or things around me, including dreams. Each poem delves into the concept that death is not just a literal meaning in which everything ends; death is usually thought of as somber and peaceful.

I have discovered that death is a symbol for something much greater because it constitutes the end of something important. It could be a friendship, a love, a feeling, a change of one’s identity such as a rebirth, and much more. Death is an important metaphor for authors to explore the deepest emotions possible in a way that touches the reader on different levels through imagery.

Here is an example of how death is used as a metaphor by Adrienne Rich, which differs from my poetry, but that hints on the rebirth process:

In 1971, Rich commented in a poetics essay, “When We Dead Awaken: Writing as Re-Vision,” ( that women should share their imagination and experience through writing by looking back at things and their lives with new eyes. She considers women ‘dead’ in a male-dominated society until the woman ‘awakens’ from her victimization and expresses her anger through writing and we are able to use poems as windows to our world.

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