Monday, August 10, 2015

Short Stories & Such 20: Leaving Town Abruptly

Leaving Town Abruptly

The rasp sound extended from the kitchen door causing the wood to crease and moan in my bedroom. I wrapped a blanket around my pajamas. 3:30 a.m. The darkness guided me to the first obstacle: the clothes hamper and then, the leg of the chair. After some fumbling for a light switch, the rasp turned into a pound until the moron outside went for the doorbell.

“Aaron, pack a bag.”


“Quickly.” She pushed me back inside the house until my back hit the door knob. “I have to get out of here now.”

“What? Where?”

Her eyes were erratic, I was sure she didn’t hear any of my questions.

She clasped her tiny hands on my blanket, “I need you to come with me.”

I yanked her hands free of the blanket, “Now, wait a minute. You don’t think I’m going to just drop everything and leave?”

“I think you will…but you need to get ready while I explain.”

“I’m not going to do anything until-”

“Fine,” she brushed her long bangs off her face. “My husband found out. About us.”


“He’s coming after me.”

“Us? I don’t get it.”

“I told him I was having an affair… with you.”

“You what!?! You told that maniac you were….why?” I threw the blanket over the kitchen counter. I rubbed the hairs growing in my sideburns.

“There’s no time. Get your things together.”

“His after you. Why should I bother?”

“If he thinks you were my lover, he’ll be looking for you, too.” She cupped her hands in her face and sniffled, “I’m sorry. I was trying to give him some his own medicine.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “Jerry, we need to talk to him.”

She lifted her face, now smeared with mascara.

“Okay… I’ll talk to him. He couldn’t possibly believe-”

“You don’t understand, he’s got a rifle.”

A sudden thud came from the front door. Every ounce of hope attached itself to me, professing it was the wind. As I turned to the direction of the sound, a burst of light flashed before my eyes.


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