Monday, October 12, 2015

Death as Metaphor 20: Personal Poetry Reflection and Analysis II

in dreams, fear the music
moonlight darkens

Another aspect of death I use is in the prevention of it. However, this is impossible since one cannot escape death. My poetry visions of death change depending on what I feel are important in my life.
Death can be an emotional experience that crushes your heart in two. It is not the death of my body but, the death of my conscious mind, the death of losing something in me or from someone that has affected me in such a way that it feels like I am dead; the walking corpse in time that is unable to deal with the loss or pain or feeling.

John Ashbery (1981) wrote in his poem, “Paradoxes and Oxymorons,”  ( that the poem is what maps out its direction as being open-ended and intuitive writing. The poet is thus the vessel and yet, the poem is part of you, your thoughts and feelings.

I find that my poetry stems from some dark thinking as a way of expressing what’s inside me through metaphorical words of death. Sometimes I do not comprehend fully why I choose certain words to go together and how death plays out in the poem.

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