Monday, October 19, 2015

Short Stories & Such 21: Skeleton in your Closet - Literally

Hi everyone! Here’s a fun story just in time for Halloween. Hope you enjoy!

Skeleton in your Closet – Literally

The thumping in my head got louder and louder and I strained to open my eyes. I rose from the bed with a heavy head that could have rolled off my neck if it wasn’t that I brought my knuckles to massage my temples. I groaned. Last night’s party was such a blur. Ooh, my poor head. At least I made it back to my apartment in one piece. A good shower should help get rid of the vomit smell and, then, I could head out for some nice breakfast. Especially coffee. Lots of coffee.

I took slow steps toward the closet to see what I could wear today, but when I opened it, I screamed so loud, my ribs cracked.

“What the f**** is that?”

The skeleton just plopped itself against the closet wall. My things had been spread apart already so I could see it. The bony hands dangled on its sides and there was faint yellow coloring around its surface.

Did I put it there? I couldn’t have brought back this…. this thing. I lifted it from where it propped and I’d say it weighed less than a poodle. But, what was it doing here? Was this a prank?

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe this. I did know how this got here. Where’s my roommate? Where was Maggie?

Her cell kept sending me to voicemail and her Facebook page didn’t mention anything from last night.

“Hmmm… I wonder.”

I set the skeleton back against the closet’s wall and examined it further. The head of this skeleton had a slight dent on the right side of the skull. I remembered feeling Maggie’s hair when I last cut it. This had the same type of hollowness.


The skull turned toward me. Gasping, I stepped back.

The bony arms lifted up and I was suddenly in its grip.

“Maggie, wake up! Kuhhsh. It’s me, culff… Jemma.”


This short story was written back on June 26, 2012 from the Writer’s Digest prompt with the same title. You can see the original and check out any comments at

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