Monday, November 23, 2015

Writer’s Workshop 14: The Pick-Me List

During a workshop on Character Building at the Mt. SAC Writer’s Weekend led by Martin Lastrapes, we were asked to make a list of character traits to begin building our character. Then, we had to choose three of the traits and write the introduction to this character for our story.

The idea was to have details to describe the character to avoid writing flat characters. This helps add dimension to our writing. I found the exercise interesting and I liked what came out of it.

The following was the list I had and the bold type words in the paragraph are the chosen words for this character I built.

smelled nice
open-toe shoes
shoulder length hair
High School education
loyal with friends and family


She always smelled like she just stepped out of the shower, the lingering scent of soap intermingled with expensive perfume, similar to the kind you find once you step into JC PENNY’s or VICTORIA’S SECRET at the mall.

She liked the mall, but preferred outside flea markets where you could haggle the price with the vendors. She always got a fair deal, especially if a man got a glimpse of her cleavage.

It was a priority to leave the house exposing “her babies.” It was also the one trait that got her in trouble. She was never the kind to flirt or sleep with other men, but her marriage had started breaking after 30 years and when he walked into her life, she embraced it, and looked forward to their intimate meetings. Little did she know that they would be short lived…

p.s. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

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