Monday, November 9, 2015

Writing Endeavors 10: Death as Metaphor Poetry

I was just notified that two of my poems were accepted and published on Jupiter Artland Foundation’s Inspired to Write Poetry and Prose Competition. The winners will be chosen on January 16th in England, but I’m entered!

There were a lot of entries to this UK poetry competition. When you visit the site, it asks that you scroll to the bottom and click on LOAD 20 MORE POSTS to get to the next ones. You have to click about three or four times to see my first poem and then, again, to see the second poem.

These were ekphrastic poems in which I choose an artwork that inspired me. I chose STROKE by Anya Gallaccio (a bench at the center of an empty room) for My Thoughts and I chose BROKEN by Jessica Harrison (porcelain statues dressed in 17th century garb who were dismembered in some way) for Porcelain Hearts.

These poems turned out to be examples of how I used death as a metaphor to write them. It was a lot of fun and I’m grateful to Jupiter Artland for accepting them. I hope you enjoy reading the other great poetry, too!

Here’s the website:

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