Monday, December 28, 2015

Pet News 18: Dogs and Cats and all that Jazz!

Cat training is much like dog training, except it takes double the tries for the cat to do what is expected.

As always, you want to reward the good behavior you see your cat doing (and when your cat’s relaxed) and ignore the bad.

Another thing to remember is that cats are hunters and jumpers and scratchers and climbers and… well, you get it. So don’t punish them by screaming, spraying water, or holding them down aggressively.

Instead, provide alternatives. For example, a scratching post by that corner of the sofa the cat just loves to scratch would be nice. Maybe a tree house looking out into the world outside.

Also, be consistent. Reward promptly so your cat gets it.

Last, but very important, keep your cat stimulated by playing and providing toys and taking him/her for a short walk in the front or back yard on a leash.

Have a great New Year’s! Keep your pets safe…

Note: Cat training tips summarized from DK (Dorling Kindersley)’s 2014 Complete Cat Care: How to Keep your Cat Healthy and Happy 

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