Monday, January 4, 2016

Death as Metaphor 21: Two Poems Jumping in the Death Pool

I want to say I’ve been fortunate most of my work delves into the topic of death, but as I’ve shared in previous posts about the use of metaphors, not everything actually deals with death.

I also wondered why I gravitated toward this topic since High School and I discovered metaphors abound to create images that portray the feeling in the poems I write without me being conscious of it until I am through with my first draft, capturing particular words on paper or recycling them to suit my needs.

Being drawn to such themes of death doesn’t mean I prefer themes related to them or that the macabre strikes me as delectable points of view. To use the metaphor of death is to completely immerse in providing a picture of what I’m trying to communicate.

For example, the poem “California” is a personal reaction to the bad economy, being unemployed, and being alone. Poems show who we are just like a mirror reflects your image. This is how death is used as a metaphor in poetry. It is the materialization of our being that symbolizes distinctive feelings from the poet and reader alike.

Take a look at the poem here:


You have killed me

You the abomination
of my lifeless body

You have slaughtered my ambitions and
kept the souls at bay

You have scattered my remains
to the four corners of the sea
whose current would not withstand

You have cremated my amputated limbs
and crushed my soul
so the four winds blow
my ashes to nevermore

You abomination

You have killed me

Are you satisfied?

*This poem was first published on the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Issue 52

and speaking of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, check out the latest addition in the Fall 2015 Issue 68 where baby makes…” as it jumps right in the pool of death as metaphor theme at

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