Monday, February 22, 2016

Death as Metaphor 21: The Acceptance of an Unfair Death

Death is a window into the deepest thoughts and emotions we have. Similar to Deep Image/ Confessional poets who write mostly free verse poetry that is personal and autobiographical.

These images that death allows a writer to explore can be used to represent life events or dreams.
Much of my poetry is influenced by recurrent dreams of death. How I use death in my poetry reveals something about me as a person and about life in general. In a way, I seem to question death but accept it at the same time, and it’s all dependent on the experiences or perceptions I have.

At times, the thoughts and feelings guide my writing. At other times, what I observe or contemplate guide my writing without the need to focus on any rhyme, scheme, or syntax. Poets are always trying to make sense of the world in their writing and at times, it is the writing that leads the communication. Whether they accept death or not as a state or as a new beginning.

My recent poem, “My Second Half,” published by Spectrum: LoveLoveLove, Issue 3 (, is an example of writing of a death which affected me at all emotional levels. 

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