Monday, February 8, 2016

Pet News 19: Tips for Treating your Pet

Here comes that time of year where fleas and other critters spring up and bother our pets.

As I research and try some ideas of how best to combat them, I’ve found a couple that do work. I’ll share them here. You can try them, but like humans, not every pet will respond the same Here are a couple of things to try. Always consult with a veterinarian.


For fleas, I found this recipe of natural repellants on Natural Dog Care by Christopher Day (2010): cedar wood, eucalyptus, garlic, lemongrass, lemon, neem

- dilute oils in water (2or 3 drops per cup of water) and then comb through the dog’s coat 

  • aromatherapy oils strategically placed in areas where a flea might choose to breed ex. carpet edges, skirting boards, floorboard cracks, and down the sides of chairs will help tame the tiny beasts 

For flies, I’ve tried eucalyptus leaves brewed like tea.

- boil the leaves in water, once cooled, pour into a spray bottle, then, soak a cloth and rub/massage your pet’s ears.

- this can also be used on the whole dog’s body to detract insects


For cuts and scrapes, use aloe vera.

-cut the plant leaf from the plant; split open the leaf rind with a knife and use the juice (clear fleshy part) and let sit on skin for an hour.

Note: if your dog is like mine, you can tie it in place or just massage on like cream


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