Monday, February 29, 2016

Teaching News 4: Moments

Happy Leap Year!

Today I wanted to share an important tip I learned as a teacher:

You can’t teach unless you deal with the behavior.

That’s the one tip I take to heart because nothing is going to cement in student’s brains if they aren’t concentrating on the lesson in the first place.

That’s also why the first week of school is so important. The teacher has to take the time to introduce the classroom routines, procedures, expectations, etc., and rehearse them with the students. Once everyone is on board, the lessons will run smoother.

However, there are days in which teachers have to repeat these scenarios to remind the class of the consequences of their behavior.

On the spot acknowledgement of acceptable behaviors are paramount for a well-run classroom. Keeping in mind that learning is key when lessons include active participation so students can focus on different tasks without having to wait for XX to stop climbing the tables... 

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