Monday, March 14, 2016

Short Stories & Such 23: Person of Your Dreams

Person of Your Dreams

With my new platform shoes, I whisk out the door with Lucas. I still can’t believe he showed up on my doorstep just a few minutes ago and asked me for coffee. Soothing coffee. Lucas seems so excited to finally find me after four years. His eyes beam with a twinkle. I blush as he guides me to his ‘ride.’
Oh, wow, I’m in his car. His new car! Cruising along the streets, a burst of people come out of hiding and are going nowhere. Coffee! Lucas!

He was the ultimate High School crush. I can’t believe he remembers me. Maybe he feels bad for standing me up at the dance. His skin looks so good. Mmh, fresh mint.

At the coffee shop, his voice fills my ears with music, until he calls me Gwen. Gwen? Maybe it’s a slip up. Oh, I hope he’s single. His gray eyes continue to sparkle with each note he plays.

That’s odd. Lucas has called me Gwen three times already. Does he think I’m Gwen instead of Ronda? Why mess with fate? I’ll just go with it. It might turn for the better.

“Ronda?” I felt a hand on my shoulder. Lucas’s forehead creased, his eyes darkened to a storm gray.
“Ronda, how are you? Long time no see, huh?” It was my colleague from my previous job.

Dog gone it!

Note: You can read the original draft and comments on Writer’s Digest Writing prompts for May 22, 2012

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