Monday, May 2, 2016

Writing Endeavors 11: Publishing 101?

I’ve been researching a lot about publishing because I have a novel I completed and would like to submit to an agent. It deals with a dysfunctional family where father and son are at odds (and that’s all the info you get for now).

One thing I’ve discovered is that you need to be prepared to show how you’re going to market your book.

You also have to think about what name you will be writing under before you submit- your own or a pseudonym.

You also have to be on social media in some way. You don’t have to do all the places, but enough where you get to reach out to a large audience. That’s the tricky part. How to keep up with your writing aside from promoting and still have time to walk the dogs, eat, exercise the recommended two hours a day, and sleep?

In teaching, we have a good analogy for this: “sink or swim.” Some new teachers get hired and aren’t provided with the support needed to establish themselves in the school. You either ‘sink’ and go through challenges that rip your dream job to shreds or you ‘swim’ and stay afloat long enough to see success.

I feel that marketing is the same. You either keep up with all the work outside of actually writing or you suffer losses and break away from the spotlight. I wish it didn’t have to come down to this, but the facts of life pile up on that mountain top…

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