Monday, June 13, 2016

Why I Write 10: News and Additions

After many months tightening my manuscript, I finally started the querying process for my Young Adult debut novel about the tenuous relationship between a father and his son. 

It’s been a long journey for me because I’ve been learning along the way how to become an author. If the first batch of queries don’t do so hot, then, I’ve got another list of literary agents. In the meantime, I have my other novels to focus on and edit, revise, complete, etc. (It never ends… =)

You’d think writers sit around all day and have fun, but as I get involved with this part of my life, writing has become a JOB… no not a job, a CAREER. Actually, a second career. I haven’t quit my day job and I struggle to get as much done as everyone else. So far, it’s paying off. The Eagle Rock Branch (Los Angeles Public Library) has just released the Stone Bird Anthology where my science fiction story, The Thing, is included. Copies can be purchased at the branch location. 

I’ve also recently opened a Twitter account and hope to begin another journey into the social-verse. To follow me, just click the link right below my name. This is all new to me, but like everything, it takes some practice.

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