Monday, August 1, 2016

Pet News 21: Urinary Infections and Tip

If your cat starts behaving differently than normal, it’s a sure sign something’s wrong and a trip to the veterinarian is important to rule out any major illnesses.
When my cat started showing symptoms of lethargy and a lack of motivation to play, I knew something was up. She wouldn’t follow me around and I immediately took her to the veterinarian. After some blood and urinary work, the results explained what I feared: crystals in the urine that may lead to kidney stones.
But that wasn’t the hard part. Administering the antibiotics took a lot of work. I solicited my sister’s aide because one had to hold the cat and the other had to deal with the mouth to squirt the substance. All this and still, my cat showed a small sign of crystal, so, we put her on a recommended prescribed diet. Of course, once on it, she couldn’t revert back to her original formula.
It wasn’t a total loss, my cat loved the food and is now pretty stable. No crystals. Cats can be finicky and picky, you know. If only she wouldn’t stress herself out so much, she’d be perfect again.
Later, my vet recommended Cranberry juice to be added to her food to help with her bathroom needs, making the transition of urine go smooth. Giving pumpkin puree also helps with the bathroom process. Dandelion is also a diuretic to promote urine flow.

Whatever you do, make sure you consult with your vet first. Like humans, not every treatment works the same way. We’re glad it helped my cat.

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