Monday, August 15, 2016

Quote 19

“Don’t struggle to be a better teacher than everybody else. Simply be a better teacher than you ever though you could be.”
--- Robert John Meehan, U.S. educator, author

When I read this quote, I thought, “Wait a minute. Teachers comparing each other leads to competition and a not so happy workplace. How is that even good?”

It’s not.

Teachers should collaborate with each other and work towards building student’s abilities and empathy.

I’ve heard stories that teachers should get paid based on the results they get from student scores, but how does that tell you about the whole child?

If teachers think about being better than last year, they can improve on what was a success instead of wondering if they’re better than the rest.

Isn’t that what we want students to feel, too? A pride for being who they are and doing the best they can with what they got, learning from their mistakes and improving?

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